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Being in Love is Good For Your Health

Reasons Why Being in Love is Good For Your Health

Love conquers all; well, of course with the exemption of a toothache. Nonetheless, apart being at the top of the world, romance also comes with some positive health benefits. These health benefits touch on the looks, moods and the overall well-being. Research has showed that being in love can significantly lower blood pressure. Maybe love is the best medicine out there. Being in love every day, keeps the doctors away.

Love And Happiness

Below are some of the health benefits of being in love;

Stress relieved

Today’s demanding and fast paced society has created stress for many Australians. However, a loving partner can help kiss away all your troubles. After a long working day, a hug from your loving partner will melt away all the stress you might be harboring. In fact, a hug engages nearly all the bodily senses and makes people sink into a utopia of serenity.

Positive lifestyles

Being in love can make you change the way you have been living. Some addicts, with the help of their partners, have embraced new and positive lifestyles. Being in love can help you eliminate destructive lifestyles that would otherwise gravely affect your health.

Improves your mood

The thought of being loved and meaning the world to someone is enough to lift up your moods when you are feeling down. The cuddling, touching and hugging are enough to better you spirits and keep you calm. Sex, which an important constitute of being in love, is also a great stress buster and mood enhancer. During sex, the body releases the ‘feel good’ hormones that ecstatically boosts people moods.

Faster recovery

During sickness, being with a beloved one can actually help you recover faster. A recent study showed that couples who were in a satisfying relationship recovered faster from illness as compared to those who did not have any relationship.

Makes you look Younger

Ever heard of sex glow? Well, being in love also comes with love glow, and that is precisely some of the health benefits of being in love. You look younger and happier. The explanation behind looking younger is that you tend to have increased blood flow in your skin when you are in a satisfying relationship. The increased blood flow makes sure that your skin has all essential nutrients and oxygen to make you look younger and glow dazzlingly. You will not only look younger, but also live longer.

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